join enables on-line merchants to accept credit card
payments via Web and mobile devices. Worldwide.


join enables on-line merchants to accept credit card
payments via Web and mobile devices. Worldwide.


join enables on-line merchants to accept credit card
payments via Web and mobile devices. Worldwide.


join enables on-line merchants to accept credit card
payments via Web and mobile devices. Worldwide.


  • Major
    credit & debit cards
    As a standard enables merchants to accept VISA, EC/MC and AmEx cards. Upon merchant demand will connect any other payment card system, or e-wallet
  • Payment
    With merchants have complete functionality for accepting payments via EV SSL protected web-pages or on mobile devices (e.g. for in-app purchases)
  • Fraud-
    To give our merchants a peace of mind employs industry-standard "3D Secure" protection with on-site MPI, as well as offers top-notch intelligent anti-fraud solution alongside. 3rd party anti-fraud filters are welcome, too.
  • Security &
    Convenience is PCI DSS Level 1 certified company with mandatory on-site audits and quarterly infrastructure scanning & penetration tests.


Business driven Anti-Fraud settings

At we use proprietory anti-fraud solution that may be fine-tuned for each merchant.

Chargebacks and fraudulent transactions are low to none. Fine-tuning anti-fraud solution allows us to recover and successfully process 5% to 20% of transactions that would otherwise considered fraudulent. Imagine changes to your revenue. may use additional external filters at merchant request alongside it's own solution, or completely substituting it.


Rebill is also known as recurrent or subscription billing. This feature is important for service providers, that charge client per period (say - monthly or quarterly).

Whether merchant sells content on web site or provides SaaS service or delivers regular in-app purchases - we will make sure client pays on schedule.

Payout to cards

Payout to cards & card-to-card transfers

For some merchants timely payout to cards is as important as efficient acquiring.

If your business model depends on fast and accurate payouts - please, get in touch.

iPSP will also provide you with instant card-to-card transfers capability at an affordable cost.


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  • We are relying on solution for robust mobile and web billing app.

    Uldis Apsitis,
  • helps us to develop our innovative financial products, such as or In our projects we actively use many features, like rebill or IPSP.js and rely on anti-fraud system, that works perfectly.

    Andrew Dryga, CEO, Nebo #15, Kiev


  • Felix Polianski
    Managing partner
  • Jacob Mitbreit
  • Andrew Ivin


More and more companies everyday are offering their products and services on-line. With you will provide your clients with reliable and secure payment processing.
  • Add to your revenues

    Both agents & resellers receive regular payouts for qualified referrals.
  • Add to your service lines

    Offer your clients more by bundling a secure, flexible and reliable payment solution with your product or service.
  • Who can become an agent/

    Any person or company may become an agent: once the client is referred to, the account will be managed by us. Reseller is typically a company that integrates payments solution into their own services.
  • Apply Now!

    Fill-in this request form and partnership manager will get back to you within 24 hours.


  • What is pricing?

    Payment Gateway:

    • Setup Fee - €65
    • Monthly Gateway Fee - €10
    • Transaction Fee - €0.05

    Great News! For a limited time period Anti-Fraud Solution and Recurring Billing are included into the monthly fee.

    Please note: the above fee structure does not include comissions charged by acquiring bank and/or card association.

  • What is the level of commission for payments processing?

    Commission rate is dependent of factors such as merchant turnover, type of business, processed card types, etc. Commission rate may vary from 1.8% for low risk and high volume merchant to as high as %4-5% for merchant with risk exposure. The actual commission rate for your business will be determined by the bank. Get in touch with us and receive a quote.

  • Do you work with companies, incorporated in offshore jurisdictions?

    Yes, is working with companies, registered in reputable offshore jurisdictions. Apart from complete set of company papers disclosure of ultimate beneficiary is normally required by the acquiring bank.

  • How fast could you set my business with merchant facility?

    It takes 10-14 days to settle the paperwork with the acquiring bank. Payment page integration and testing takes day or two. Your merchant facility may be up and running within 2-3 weeks.

  • Who may become an agent?
    • Banks and other financial institutions
    • Financial intermediaries
    • Corporation service companies
    • Registered Agent service companies
    • Any other company or person with customers requiring merchant facility.
  • Who may become a reseller?
    • Payment Gateways
    • Web developers
    • Internet Service Providers (ISPs)
    • Independent Software Vendors (ISVs)
    • Web Hosting Companies
    • Shopping Cart developers
    • PoS developers
    • Any other company that bundles-in payment solution into it's product.

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